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Web Scraping

Extract data from any webpage without getting blocked using Siterelic Web Scraping API

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Meta Scraping

Extract Meta data from any website

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Take a full-page screenshot from multiple locations using desktop, mobile, and tablet devices.

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DNS record

DNS records lookup such as A, AAAA, MX, NS, CNAME, TXT, CAA, and SRV.

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Broken Link

Check if webpage contains any broken link.

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PDF Generator

Generate PDF from any given webpage in seconds using Siterelic PDF Generation API.

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Collect Google Lighthouse metrics in JSON, HTML or CSV format. You can run it as a desktop, mobile, or with custom parameters.

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Port Scanner

Quickly find out what ports are open on public Internet-facing IP or website

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TLS Scan

Test the supported TLS protocol and certificate details such as CN, SAN, issuer, expiry of a given URL.

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Is Site Up?

Check if a site is UP, DOWN, or in ERROR state from multiple locations.

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Test how much time is taken to respond to the first byte by a web server from multiple locations.

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Test how much time is taken to load the given URL from multiple locations.

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URL Redirection Checker

Check how webpage follow the redirections.

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Check if DNS Security extension is enabled on the domain.

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Traceroute the domain or IP to diagnose the network issue.

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Ping the domain or IP remotely and find out packet loss and latency.

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Mixed Content

Test if site loads resources (image, CSS, JS, fonts, etc) over http://

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HTTP Protocol

Test if the site supports HTTP Protocol versions like HTTP/3, HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1.

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HTTP Header

Get complete response headers being returned of a given URL.

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Hex Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need separate subscriptions for each API?

No, a single subscription to Siterelic grants you access to all the APIs available on our platform.

How often do you add new APIs or update existing ones?

We are committed to innovation. New APIs are added, and existing ones are updated regularly based on user feedback and industry trends.

Is my data secure when using your tools?

Absolutely. We prioritize user data security and implement state-of-the-art encryption and security measures to ensure your data remains private and protected.

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