Port Scanner API

Quickly scan open ports to identify potential security threats and protect your business. Getting real-time results and testing top ports or in the range helps you stay ahead of cyber threats and protect your digital assets.

Due to the nature of API and to avoid abuse, Port Scanner API is only available to paid users.

Used by thousands, including:

Hex Lab

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Port Scanner API work?

The API sends requests to specified ports on a given IP address or hostname and then returns the status based on the response from those ports.

Is it legal to use a Port Scanner API?

The legality of port scanning varies by jurisdiction. It's essential always to have permission before scanning any network or system. Unauthorized scanning can be illegal and unethical.

How can I save myself from getting banned?

You can avoid potential bans by scanning only domains or IPs you own, have access to or explicit permission to scan.

What are all the parameters topPorts supports?

The topPorts supports 501005001000, and 5000. If you don’t provide the topPorts parameter, 100 will be used as the default option.

Can I scan in the port range?
Yes, you can use the portRanges parameter, which supports different types of input, including a single port like 22, multiple ports like 22, 80, 443, and in a range like 80-444.

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